2PET® Foldable Soft Crate

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Simply the best pet crate for your beloved pet to chill out with no distractions. Lightweight and portable.

If you need to transport your pet on a quick trip and don’t want to lug around a heavy and bulky crate, this is the crate to get. The only one foldable dog crate that combines all the functionality with a touch of class & innovation for indoor, outdoor, training & travel purposes. Made with strong steel tubes and water resistant, soft Oxford 600D fabric cover. Perfect for your beloved Dog or pet to sleep, rest or just Chill out with no distractions.

Unlike many other dog crates, the 2PET Fold-A-Crate uses innovative full frontal zipper design that makes it difficult for the dog to chew it down to pieces. Also features bone design mesh panels (windows) for natural ventilation, a waterproof mat & a washable fleece cushion pad. Lightweight, easy to carry, includes a top handle that can be also used as secure it in the car with the seat belt.

A Dog Crate Like No Other! The new & improved design of our popular foldable dog crate - Fold-A-Crate - is a comprehensive solution to ensure better training, hassle-free travel & overall comfort for pet dogs.

Your Pet Dog’s Own, Portable Home Keep it indoors, let it stand outdoors in the sunlight or double it up as a pet carrier while you travel in a car or to the park - this portable dog crate is surely going to be the next favorite thing for your pet dog!

Design Features This dog travel crate features a strong steel tube frame for adequate stability. It’s easy to fold & unfold the frame in an instant with the push-button mechanism. The outer cover is made of soft, water-resistant Oxford 600D fabric that can be fully removed from the frame & machine-washed. Unlike many other dog crates (a Petco Dog Crate, e.g.), a 2PET Fold-A-Crate uses innovative full frontal zipper design that makes it difficult for the dog to chew it down to pieces.

Notes Available in 4 sizes & 3 colors.

Please refer to the size chart before buying

Cleaning: To clean up any pet waste, wipe down the material with a stain and odor remover then allow it to air dry. For more extensive cleaning just remove the fully washable cover from the steel frame and throw it in the washing machine. We recommend cold water, then allow it to air dry.

Customer Reviews

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Dogs love them

We bought 2 of these for our Papillons and they love them, so much that the younger one stays in it a good part of the day! They are very well built and seem strong. We had 2 similar crates from a different company and they destroyed them in 2 days by chewing through the screen. These seem stronger, at least so far.


2PET® Foldable Soft Crate

Very Pleased!

I order this travel crate through Amazon. It's absolutely perfect for situations where travel are necessary! The lined cushion makes washing easy, and the ability to fold for storage is a really nice space saver. Pocket and water bottle space are awesome! It's nice looking too!

Works great

Medium size for my Chihuahua works great as a home away from home. He can see his surroundings, and is very comfy inside. Plenty of room for his water and food bowl. Very easy to set up and take down.

Too small

Too small to be of any use!!!!!