About Us  

Pets are part of our family and we design our products thinking of them.

Our Story 

As pet lovers, we decided to create a brand to bring quality to our customers, starting back in 2014. By selecting the best materials and always with our pets in mind, we visualize quality, comfortable and useful products. Our portfolio is constantly growing and improving. It’s been designed to satisfy yours and your pet needs.

Our pet loves the products.

We are sure you will too!


Our Team

The 2Pet team is committed and qualified to design best products for your pet.
We manufacture thinking about love we share with them.

Teamwork with our clients and pets  

2PET is a Brand affiliated with Dalsam Corp

Our Values

Love for pets

Pets are part of our family

Quality and best prices

Working to provide new products

Constantly growing to satisfied yours and your pet needs

Useful products for you and your pet

Excellence in our products design

Best service possible for your satisfaction

We trust in products we design

Social Responsibility

We believe that the smallest contribution can make a huge impact in others. We believe in Pay it Forward, We believe in Love and Kindness. And we believe that we all have a social responsibility in this world. That's why a percentage of your purchase is dedicated to those pets in need. At 2PET we are pet lovers too.