2PET® Slow Feed Dog Bowl Slowly Bowly (Medium)

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Help your pet by giving him an attractive Slow Bowl

Numerous dogs and trust it or not even cats sometimes have a particular propensity to devour and gobble their meal when presented with their foodstuff. Labrador retrievers and even husky have this kind of tendency to grab their meal with a rapid speed.

Pets that eat quickly are more likely to present along with an assortment of illnesses that is related to their speed eating containing vomiting, choking, gastrointestinal discomfort, food bloat that can happen from swallowing nutriment and swallowed air and it is potentially life-threatening.

So, if you find that your pet is having a problem in swallowing the foods, you have to ensure that you give them the ultimate comfort by proper dog bowl. You will definitely get lots of bowl in the current marketplace for your pet, but amongst all of them, a slow bowl is one of the amazing things for your pet that you can have.

Why should you have the slow bowl?

​Dogs are of absolutely inquisitive nature, and they also get much excited when they get their favorite food. And then and there they start grabbing it fast. So, to stop them from doing this activity, you need to get a proper slow bowl.

A-MAZE-ING- This particular bowl for your dog contains the shape of a maze. And having this maze-shaped bowl, your husky or lab dog will be quite comfortable in grabbing their foods anytime. This bowl assists the dogs in feeding slowly, and that reduce the vomiting as well.

Food is fun- One of the fantastic ways to make your dog entirely happy is giving them food. They have the great fascination on foods. This slow bowl helps them to feed properly. In fact, your dog will love steering their mouth over the playful patterns as well as it will digest their food at the healthier pace.

Up to almost 10X slower- This dog bowls actually slows down your canine’s eating time as well as aid digestion by 10X!

A product with purpose- Regurgitation, bloating as well as canine’s obesity are the actual factors of the poor digestion of dogs. So, giving the foods in a slow bowl will help them in digesting properly.

Go beyond the bowl- Each and every dog eats differently as well as their dog bowl must be as exclusive as they are.

Quick cleaning- whenever you are giving food to your pet in the bowl, you may have a tension of cleaning them. But this particular bowl is absolutely easy to clean.

This slow bowl has lots of exclusive and unique features, which makes them absolutely different from the other brands. If you have a husky or lab in your house, then you can easily choose this particular product for them.

Rubberized- This product has lots of exclusive features and amongst all of it; this is the important thing, which stands out loud amongst all. The rubberized non-skid bottom makes the product unique as well as superior. As your pet's comfort is the utmost concern, then this is the ideal stuff that you can select for your pet. They will feel absolutely comfortable having their foods from that rubberized non-skid bottom bowl.