2PET® Pet Seat Cover For Cats & Dogs

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Now you need not say ‘NO’ to your pet on the weekend

Feeling sad for what your pet has done with your new SUV seat last weekend and had to leave him behind now?

Yes, this happens to almost all dog owners sometime or other.
Dogs are great companion wherever you go. Taking your beloved pet for a weekend long drive is the most pleasurable experience as the dogs always keep their master happy. However, due to their sharp claws, they unknowingly damage the car seats by scratching and being furry animal, the dogs also soil the car seats with furs.

But, your pet is also a member of your family and has got the right to be at your side while you are going for a long drive.
The only solution to protect your car seat while enjoying the company of your loving pet during a long drive is to have a good seat cover.

Why you should get one?

Dogs are of very inquisitive nature and they get much exited while traveling in a car. As they cross many things, they move on the seat damaging the upholstery. The 2PET pet seat cover is made from special fabric for protecting your car seat from the damage inflicted by the pet nails.

Unique features:

Elegant & Comfortable: Available in ebony black and nutmeg khaki colors, the 2PET pet seat covers look elegant. These are also padded and quilted and waterproof for keeping your pet in comfort.

Easy installation facility: All 2PET pet seat covers are provided with detachable buckles, side flaps and Velcro openings for seat belts (Only for the back seat models). Being provided with quick release clips these are easy to install and remove. For the Door Cover whether you use tab insert or Velcro, the door cover always stays fixed in the place.

Frustration free:
These are made from premium quality waterproof material for complete protection of your cars seats. When you have 2PET pet seat cover installed in your car, this keeps the car tidy and prevents damage of upholstery allowing you a stress free drive.

Assured quality: All 2PET pet seat covers are backed by 2PET’s quality commitment. These are made from the best quality materials and passes through rigorous control before releasing for use.
Easy cleaning: Remove it from the car after use, and wash it the washing machine gentle cycle and allow them to air dry for necessary cleaning.

Your options

The 2PET Pet Seat Covers are available for the back seat, door and front seat for keeping your upholstery intact. Depending on where you will seat the pet, you can fix the right one.

Back seat cover: This is available in bench style, hammock style with pocket and hammock deluxe type with non-slip backing. These are made of heavy duty Oxford Nylon or from Suede that renders a soft feeling. Measuring 53 x 37 inches the back covers fit almost all cars. If your dog is too active, the hammock

style is the right, as it will prevent the dog from jumping over to the front seat.
Door Cover: This is made from the soft Suede fabric and when installed will prevent your dog from messing up with the door panel. Measuring 28 x 22 inches it fits all type of cars.

Front seat cover: Made from quilted pattern heavy duty polyester material this is also very tough and durable. It has a dimension of 20 x 39 inches and the front and side lower flaps measure 6.5 inches and fits almost all cars.