2PET® No Pull Dog Harness With Padded Mesh

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With a 2PET harness vest by your side.

Put it on in secs, adjust to ensure a comfy fit, attach the leash and off you go. This vest gently hugs its chest and facilitates walking and training to the fullest.

For Optimal Safety, Comfort & Training Effectiveness... 2PET Harness Is The Way To Go!

We know... Finding the perfect and most ergonomic harness for your puppy can be a little bit daunting. That is when 2PET harness vests enter!

Combining a padded mesh interior that lets your puppy’s fur breathe yet never irritates its skin, this harness vest is a keeper.

It’s extremely easy to clean and maintain. The smart handle on top assists holding and counterbalance.

Do not settle with anything less than perfection when choosing your pet gear. Our harness vests are ideal for all breeds, small, medium and large size dogs.

Ensure no shoulder restriction, no gapping, no slippage and no discomfort.

With A 2PET Dog Harness Vest You Could ...

· ... teach your dog not to pull.

· ... increase security via the reflective straps.

· ... facilitate training.

· ... ensure polite walking.

· ... control undesired behaviors.

· ... mitigate jumping and barking.

· ... make sure that your pet is not in pain.

· ... minimize the chances of injury and chafing.

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Ronald Reddix
Nice fit!

Very good fit and my blue heeler loves it!