2PET® Dog Saddlebags – Compact Dog Backpack For Hiking

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A Dog Backpack for All Outdoor Activities

Taking a dog out on long walks, a camping trip, a trek or a hike isn’t always easy.

We, however, have a complete solution on hand - 2PET Dog Saddlebags, just about perfect backpacks for dogs.

Why Buy 2PET Dog Saddlebags? Dogs absolutely love to have a sense of responsibility. So, when you let them carry bits-and-bobs with the help of this dog backpack, they enjoy it very much.

This also keeps dogs focused & on track.

Design Features Comfortable Harness Like many other 2PET products, this dog carrier backpack features a strong & sturdy yet soft & comfortable harness. The harness itself is easily adjustable & includes snap-hooks for instant locking or unlocking. It also has a top handle for easy carrying. Roomy, Detachable Saddles

These backpacks for dogs also feature detachable saddles on either sides. These can be attached to the harness with Velcro belts.
They contain spacious mesh pockets with elastic holders so that you can let your pet carry small water bottles, toys, poop bags, food accessories & other stuff.

Note: Never burden your pet dog with unreasonably heavy loads. 

Make a trip with your dogs with the packing bags

Dog loving people used to roam the world with their beloved pet dogs. They are the ultimate friends. In every parts of life these dogs have been their side. But it is the time to take care of them while travelling.

It is very easy to carry the dogs wherever you want to go. They have the discipline, the manners and they know the way how to get into the travelling vehicles without causing anyone a scratch.

But with your beloved one pet you must take the belongings and the food items too. This will help you in providing the pet the food in time. These packing bags are very easy to use and easily adjust to the back of the pets.
This is an added benefit to the pet and the pet owner. Many things can be easily carried in these packing bags without having the feeling of discomfort.
Why should you use this?

Pets need water and food from time to time. In other sense if you are travelling to some place then you must carry the things that have been required by your pet. But many times it causes an excess weight and many people wants to keep the thing away from the other clothes or belongings. The packing bags of the 2PET will help the owner to pack the things and carry it on the back of the dog.

 The features of the bag

These bags are adjustable: The 2PET packing bags are made in such a way that it can be adjusted according to the back of the dog. All the necessary things of the dog can be easily packed in this bag.

It contains a harness with chain hook: The 2PET packing bags also contain a detachable harness with chain hook. This hook will help the owner to take care of the dog in many places The vest harness has been designed in such a way that it does not disturb the dog and also it is adjusted to the packing bag.

These bags provide comfort to the dog: The 2PET packing bags have been made in such a way that it provides comfort to the dog. This bag has been designed and made in such a way that the dogs will not get any type of pressure in the back.

Variety in sizes: The 2PET packing bags are of different sizes. You have the option to choose the perfect 2PET packing bags according to the size and the weight of your dog. The size could be adjusted and too the weight.
Tight grip: The gripping of the bag has been made in such a way that it fastened with the body of the dog and does not slipped off. This gripping has been designed by the avant grades in such a manner that it does not affect the animal in any parts of the body.