2PET® Comfy Cushion Sleeper Mat CPB1505 beige

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Getting these pet beds you can travel with your best companion now
A comfy bed lures everyone!

None can wait crawling into a comfy bed in the nights, especially when it is quite chilled. Remember, we spend almost one-third of our life in a bed not only for sleeping but for resting as well.

And your adorable and faithful companions are also no exception to this!
The pet dogs do crave for a bed; maybe more than you do with only exception that they cannot spell it out. But, that does not mean that they can be left anywhere to sleep.

In fact, they spend more time in a bed than us and naturally they always prefer to lounge in comfortable bed like their owners. And that is why your loving pets always hop on to a particular couch or sofa or cuddle in a specific corner. They do it in search of a private place for spending their time while they are not active and for sleeping too.

Having a dedicated bed gives them the pleasant feeling that they have a personal space. They love this unique experience as they feel more comfortable and secured in their personal beds.

Sleeping on hard surface is also not preferred for the pet dogs. Doing this they are directly exposed to the heat or cold of the floor and are likely to develop orthopedic problems.

You have options

If you are a dog lover, you are sure to have at least one dog to make your home lively. Every dog owner always remains eager to take care of the pet and enhance its comfort. To help you find a private and exclusive space for your canine friend, 2PET has come up with two unique pet beds.
The Cushy Soft Fleece Pet Bed and Comfy Cushion Sleeper Mat from 2PET are designed to provide a cozy resting placing for keeping your dog happy and contented. You can get any of the two, because these two have almost same features and varies only in size.

Unique features of the two

Cushy Soft Fleece Pet Bed: It is waterproof and you can easily wash it in washing machines. With its extremely comfortable fleece cushion, elegant design and the border provided for supporting the head, this crate pad makes your adorable pet happy and gay. You can easily double it up to use as a portable crate pad while your travel with your dog. Moreover, the double fleece cushioning acts as an insulator and keeps it cool in hot days and warm when it is cold outside. This is available in four sizes; the small, medium, large and extra large. Just measure your pet for choosing the right size.

Comfy Cushion Sleeper Mat: This also lets your dog have a very good pet bed. This is available in three sizes small, medium and extra large for accommodating all sizes of dogs. This is also very soft and delivers a pleasant warm feeling. Having no raised border, this allows your pet to have flat head rest. It is also machine-washable and other than using as a bed, this can also be used for kennels, crates and also in a vehicle for your weekend trips.

​What is more

These pet beds are made from high quality materials with 2PET quality commitment and using these you can take your pet to wherever you go. A part of the sale proceedings of these beds are donated for pet shelters and charities. Buying one you are not only doing good to your own pet but also serving a social cause.